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Sunday, February 05, 2006
  Eminent Domain Hearing In Weakley County In Weakley County, the issue of Eminent Domain has been in the forefront in the last few months because of the Weakley County Municipal Electric System wanting land located on the county's main four-lane, Hwy. 22. The Adams family, who owns the property, has fought back because they don't want to give their land up, and believe me, it is prime property as it is the half-way point between two of the largest towns in the county. The family has placed signs prominently on the road between Dresden and Martin citing the eminent domain issue, with huge placards stating "We Love Our Farm" and chastising WCMES for trying to take something that has been in their family for years. Sabrina Bates, from Batesville USA, has been following the story before anyone else thought it was a story, and attended the condemnation hearings on Friday. She watched the hearings as citizens turned out in support of the family and will have an overview in the Tuesday edition of the Weakley County Press. If you don't know Ms. Bates, she is a huge environmentalist and advocate for Weakley County and its citizens. Go to her blog to read her overview of what actually happened on Friday and how it may impact citizens here long-term. And, I think you should know, WCMES won at the hearing, but it appears the battle has just begun. 
The eminent domain issue has gotten a lot of lip service from some politicians after the Supreme Court's Kelo ruling, but the overall attitude of govenment remains the same - private property rights are subservient to the needs of the state.

After watching the workings here in East TN over the last ten years over development, it appears the best private landowners can do is delay the loss of their rights. Real changes to state rules and a change in the thoughts of many in business must be made, or private rights remain in constant risk.

And thanks very much for linking your page to mine! Keep up the fine writing here and the best to you!!
The subject is something that NEEDS lots of discussion. Several states have already passed some significant restrictions to the process. I truly hope that we can get some leadership in place that will do the same for us.
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