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Thursday, January 19, 2006
  Why Does It Always Have To Be Confusionpalooza? With the federal judge's ruling in regards to Ophelia Ford, all I can say is go to people who know more than I do. There are a lot of folks really po'd about the feds stepping in. This is really amazing. Adam Grove at Tennessee Politics Blog has an overview, as does Bob Krumm. The reprieve is interesting on a variety of levels. One, doesn't the senate and the house have the power to do this. On a sidenote, Don McLeary of Humboldt was the sole democrat to support the ouster. My question may be naive, and I own that, but it seems to me that our legislature needs to investigate and research the votes Ford received, and then go from there. When that happens, we need to ensure that they take the action they feel best because we voted for these guys. Have they done that? Why is a judge involved? I'd like to know the plausible explanations. I'm not saying Ford is wrong, but I ain't saying she's right either. I do know that usually when you bring in the feds, everything goes downhill. It seems partisan to me for all the wrong reasons, but isn't that the way of politics today. Editor's note - Michael Silence has a more comprehensive roundup on bloggers in Tennessee talking about this. 
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