Newscoma Has Moved
Tuesday, January 17, 2006
  We Have Been Seen By Tens of People Nashville Is Talking has added us and done a little write-up on ze' blog.

Welcome The New Guy

I'd like to begin today by adding newscoma to the blogroll. I left him out last time I added blogs, and then promised I'd do it yesterday. Stupid me, I got sidetracked, so this morning newcoma gets its own inaugural post.

I was so excited about it, I didn't even want to correct Brittney and tell her I'm a girl, but that's alright.

Tennessee Jed and Fleaflicker,The Editor over at the Tennessee Waltz, has added us too. Show all three of them the love I know you have. They are all awesome. Go now. I command you. 
I knew you would get to it. No worries over here. I am flattered to be on your sidebar!
Sorry it took me so long to post.
I suck.
I added you to the sidebar, because, you rule.
Been reading you forever.
Jed is so easily flattered... tee hee...
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