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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
  Tennessee Special Legislation In a special session scheduled to start at 11 a.m. this morning, the Tennessee Legislature is going to attempt to deal with the huge shockwaves created by the Tennessee Waltz Sting Investigation. We can only hope for the best that politicians do the right thing. No one is going to be truly happy with this ethics legislation and what I have read has me wondering a couple of things: 1. Who will benefit? 2. Who will lose? It is my hope that Tennesseeans will get the full benefit of knowing that our state can fix a problem. I'm not necessarily hopeful. Side note: TennCare advocates will be up on the Hill apparently. Blogger and writer Sharon Cobb, who is a huge advocate, has an ominous message on her website and posted on that there will be some action in regards to the failed healthcare plan today and how its impact has devastated sick Tennesseans and their ability to maintain healthcare. Go over to her website to check it out. From Ms. Cobbs blog (scroll down to read):

Anything Special Going To Happen At The Special Session Tomorrow?

You just never know what us wacky TennCare advocates might(legally)do. Hey. I'll just be there with my camera rolling. F
We will have to see. 
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