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Monday, January 23, 2006
  Tennessee Looks Like An Episode Of The Beverly Hillbillies The Associated Press is running a story today about good old boy corruption in Tennessee. The gist of the story speaks of cock fighting, moonshine stills and hookers. Once again my home state is depicted as a travel guide for the movie "Deliverance." Great, just great. 
At least you are out on the other end of the state...I am right here in the heart of it. I like it here because of the simple corruption it is much easier to figure out who you best not spend your time with. I fear going into a bank far more than going to a cat house or moonshiners property. A bar has an honest sinner insde a church has a dishonest sinner inside.

I could go on for hours!
Heh, in Nevada they're evaluating equipment to allow cock fighting without injury to the birds. It's a vest and helmet they wear that's all electronic. The birds don't get hurt, people can bet on them, and the birds get to do what they want to do (fight) over and over. Heard that on NPR of all things . . .

As far as the honest and dishonest sinner thing, what if I go to the bars on Saturday night and then to church on Sunday. Can I just be forgiven instead? LOL!
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