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Friday, January 13, 2006
  McWherterville, Ford and Weakley County Politics It really seems early for this to me. At the newspaper I work at, we are already getting ads from local candidates. We have been working on the coverage of the local elections in Weakley County for three months to ensure we get it right. There probably won't be a lot of contested races, which sort of saddens me because I love a good competition. I live in a county filled with history. Fats Everett was our guy (before my time, but I love to hear the stories), and former Tennessee Gov. Ned McWherter lives right in the heart of downtown Dresden, where I live. I work at the paper in Martin, which is a whopping big eight miles away. Sometimes, on a smaller political scale, I might as well live in Bolivia. I ended up confusing some of the sales staff yesterday trying to explain qualifying deadlines, primaries, caucuses, deadlines for financial disclosure and more. Qualifying deadline is February 16. Finally, the marketing director looked at me and said, just do what your doing and we'll follow your lead. The intricate details to stage an election are things that were a.) boring them to death and b.) something that seemed just too overwhelming for folks who don't keep up with this sort of thing. The whole tone of the country right nows is so interesting politically, but that's my thing, so it's odd to me that certain people just don't care. On another note, Republican Senatorial Candidate Bob Corker is attacking Democrat Harold Ford Jr., citing the latter took money from Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Ford said that was bunk, he didn't do it. I still think this is so early for the throwdowns to begin. Should be an interesting year. 
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