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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
  Tennessee Bloggers Here are a list of Tennessee-based blogs that I believe will most likely be doing a lot of blogging today. As I am still out on medical leave, I'm watching things myself (reminder to self, get OCD medication by end of week) I'm sticking around as well. Here we go:
Daily Docket Volunteer Voters Blue Collar Republican West Tennessee Liberal The Pesky Fly Left Wing Cracker Six Meat Buffet Nashville is Talking No Silence Here Thoughts of an Average Woman Kat Coble John H. Knox Views Say Uncle Cuppa S-Town Mike Left of the Dial Aunt B. Sharon Cobb Bill Hobbs Jackson Miller Chris Wage
Update: Dave from tells how you can get election results if you're on the go tonight and not near a TV. Update Two: Mountain 'publican Update Three: Good Lord, I missed Joe over at Tennessee Ticket. My bad. Be sure to go over there and go often. I'm sure I probably missed someone, but also remember that Rocky Top Brigade will have updates consistantly. Leave other sites in the comments section, if you are so inclined. 
Mountain 'publican!
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