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Saturday, November 18, 2006
  Obama Wants Legislation With "Teeth" So is Barack Obama fixing to make a move. With the recent scandals that have plagued Washington and Nashville (Tennessee Waltz, anyone?), making aggressive changes in ethics legislation is sort of a no-brainer. The question I have, is will this round of ethics legislation have any bite.

Senator Barack Obama, an Illinois Democrat tapped by party leaders last year to spearhead ethics proposals, said he was pushing for changes with more teeth. “The dynamic is different now,” Mr. Obama said Friday. “We control both chambers now, so it is difficult for us to have an excuse for not doing anything.”

He is pushing to create an independent Congressional ethics commission and advocates broader campaign finances changes as well. “We need to make sure that those of us who are elected are not dependent on a narrow spectrum of individuals to finance our campaigns,” he said.

Sweeping change, however, may be a tough sell within the party.
I tend to believe that ethics legislation is needed, however, it tends to be a catchphrase during either a new administration's takeover of power or when a new session begins. Obama, who I personally like, is picking his battles. Here is a senator, still new to Washington, who is being discussed as a viable candidate for the presidency. However, he's going to need to get rolling. He needs to get going because the next election will be scrutinized sharply for real leaders. And now is his chance. And I hope it gets it done. 
Obama is going to be our next president!
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