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Saturday, October 07, 2006
  The One About The Festival In rural America, we have to occupy our minds sometimes because if we don't then we might start making meth or beat up each other or sniff paint (well, some folks do but we've managed to avoid that fate thus far). Why, you ask? Introducing the Dresden Elementary School's Annual Fall Fest celebration today is a time occupier (is that a word?) Squeegee Monkey, who's the brother in law married to my sis Homer, assigned me the job of selling T-shirts. They both own a screenprinting company called Clockworks Graphics. Anyway, they designed Dresden Lions shirts. Last year I helped sell shirts and made a determination. There is more money in T-shirts than news. Yes, indeedy. I'm thinking of changing professions (not really, kinda sorta)because everyone wants a specialty T-Shirt. That's another story. Anyway, I was drafted to do it again. So I did. It'a fundraiser for the PTO and my sis is the prez. She's a better president than George Bush but that's another story as well and not on the birthday. She was organized, got those big jumpie things that kids like like a crack addict like his rock, had kids faces painted and there was a bonafide cakewalk (the oldest niece won a brownie cake thing and gave it to me for my birthday. If that ain't sweet, I don't know what is.) And I was a carnival barker shilling Tees. And my uterus hates me right now. Apparently I've not been giving it enough attention as I stood for a couple of hours busting my behind non-stop. I felt its voice coming from the depths of my being saying "Hey, we only have a couple of weeks left together. What the hell are you doing?" But it was fun in a very quaint clever sort of way. Not my girl parts bitching at me, but the festival. It's a reminder that when communities come together, it can be a good time. And no one had to sniff gasoline for a diversion, which is always a positive thing. 
hear, hear! I never enjoyed community endeavors until I moved to a small town in east TN.
Back to simple pleasures..
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