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Saturday, October 07, 2006
  Happy Birthday To Me Today is D-Day. 41 today. And I'm still kicking. Woohoo. 
Happy Birthday to you! Must be nice to be so young :)
Most bestest wishes fer yer B-Day!

and my god, is that from Cromartie High??
OMG that show is soooooo funny. Happy Birthday to you.
May you still be kickin' for another 60 yrs or so!
Happy Day!
happy happy peppy and bursting with love...have a fabulous b-day.

Hope you're feeling good and the day unfurls perfectly.
Happy Birthday!!!!!
Happy Birthday!!!! You're a child at 41! Here's wishing you many many more happy birthdays!
Have a great one! Lunch/dinner's on me when next we meet.

Thinking of you from up here on the mountaintop.

Happy Birthday Keep going strong and many more!!!
A sincere (albeit belated) Happy, Happy to you!

Damn it, Newscoma!

Illness and Verizon kept me offline most of the weekend, but I'm back now and come bearing gifts.

I hope it was a good one, baby.
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