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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
  Another Visit to the Doctor Well, crap. I have to go back to the doctor today. Apparently I have done something I shouldn't have done and there is concern. Anyone that has ever had surgery has to know that the one place you don't want to be at on Halloween is the doctor's office. Haven't you seen the movie, for Pete's sake. Michael Myers in his cool yet cheezy William Shatner mask always wakes back up to go after Jamie Lee Curtis. This is tedious. I really wish I had a cold Miller Lite and a juicy steak because I think that's what I think will help right now. Crappity, crap crap. 
Take your pumpkin bucket and demand a treat!
cathy beat me to it...but make sure you get NO TRICKS...only treats.

If you feel like letting us know the outcome, you know a lot of us really care a helluva lot!
Oh dear.

Keep us posted.

And please let me know if there's anything at all I can do.
You know, I truly adore you guys. Thanks. Hopefully its minor. Maybe I just pulled a stitch or something.
I can't wait to get back up to Nashville and K-Town to give you all a huge hug.
When in doubt > Visit Vanderbilt !
Crappity, crap crap, indeed!

Keep us posted, huh?

Poor sweetie.
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