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Saturday, September 16, 2006
  News Doesn't Pay I'm getting a new cell phone that works. It's not exactly new, but it should do just fine. My father bought it and didn't like it (He's partially deaf. I'm not lying and he couldn't hear on it sooo, it's my birthday present. He did upgrade it for me though.) My birthday is October 7, but I'm getting it early. Also, he couldn't reach me on the other and it irritated him. My old ghetto phone doesn't ring or vibrate anymore. All I can do is call out on it. I want a Treo so bad that I could scream profanities into the wind, but it ain't going to happen. You realize that working in newspapers doesn't pay very well. Well, unless you are these guys
I believe the Nashville Palm User's Group is giving away a Treo at their next meet up in October. Stop over the This is Smyrna, TN for the link in today's post.
I would travel to the ends of the earth.
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