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Saturday, September 23, 2006
  Blogger Problems? Okay, did everyone else have a problem with blogger this morning or was it just me? I really am considering moving to another server. I know Aunt B did this, and seems very pleased. Or do I just stay here? What are your thoughts? 
Don't move to TypePad, you will regret it every day. They have had all kinds of problems since a recent, or not so recent take over. SixApart as they are called, turned off trackbacks for over a week, they time out when trying to publish a post, I could go on and on.

Right Truth
p.s. You might want to try the new Beta 2 Blogger. It publishes in a second, literally. I guest post of some other blogs that use it.
My problem is usually when I try to load pictures. I've been lucky today, though. No problemos.
I had problems with blogger in the past as well. It's not a bad script, it's just a free service and s*it happens.
Maybe it's bandwidth, I don't know.
We had problems with the Barcelona Point ads gettin' wacky.

Of course, we pay about 100$ a year for hosting so I just aquired B2Evolution and used a database.

No more problems (knock on wood).

To me, blogger is a place to start then move up to better things. Kinda like using MySpace until you get a real website.

If you can afford hosting, It's worth it if you plan to stay in the information game.
Wordpress is awesome, except you can't customize your template unless you have your own domain and hosting. If I ever get my own domain (again) I'll go running to Wordpress faster than you can say "File not found."
I love love love wordpress.

And you won't find wordpress blogs that make you use blogger accounts to comment, either.

Let's see what account I can find to sign in with....
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