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Sunday, September 17, 2006
  Billie Holliday's Strange Fruit Billie Holliday sings about racsism in the south. She exudes so much pain in this song. My mother introduced this song to me when I was a child. 
It's hard to call a song like this your favorite, but when I first heard it, and realized what the song was about, I got chills. Billie is one of those wonderful, mature tastes that usually aren't appreciated in childhood. My parents didn't know that world, so I didn't hear this song til' I was in college. I appreciate her, and this song, more and more as the years go on. It would be absurd for me to say that I fully understand her pain and the pain of those she was singing about, but I can tell you that if you are feeling the blues or down or depressed, she certainly understands 'your' pain..

thanks for this
This song just epitomizes for me the fact that everytime we go forward in the country, we forget the past.
My mother was a music theologist and she had us listen to all kinds of music.
It was between posting this or "Mississippi Goddamn" by Nina Simone.
We must learn from the pain of our history as not to repeat it.
The only pain I have is a wicked bout of insomnia, so I have no idea how she felt coming to the south and seeing what she saw.
I didn't hear this song until college either, but it definitely stuck with me. I appreciate its message and respect its frightening yet true symbolism.
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