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Thursday, August 17, 2006
  Headed To Nashville Rodent Queen and I will be at the Mothership tomorrow around 11:30 if anyone's up for a BBQ sammich with some bloggers from the west side. Hopefully we will see you there. 
I so wish I could, but we're heading north to a family reunion. Ya'll eat some barbeque for me! But no beans. Beans are not my friend.
Hmmm...It's a possibility. I'm off work tomorrow, the car should be fixed tonight - there go my two most popular reasons not to socialize.

I'll do my best.
Just had Mothership today - but I just might be up for an encore lunch to meet ya'll!
Me and the kids may be headed east to NC afterall.
Upon my honor, I will do my best to get to the mothership on time-ish.
I can't get away from work tomorrow. Would sure enjoy seeing you--perhaps another time? If you are still around, I'm headed to the Mothership on Saturday--noon or so.

Hope you enjoy.

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