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Monday, July 17, 2006
  900th Post So, ah one and ah two on this, my 900th post:
George Bush and Tony Blair get caught unplugged. Bush saying a dirty word doesn't bother me because I say these things sometimes myself. It's what he said that is sort of odd. Evacuations have begun by the United States and the European nations. Israel says they are going to soften the conditions for a cease-fire. Digby weighs in on all of this. There have been a lot of Mid-Eastern clashes. MSNBC breaks down the players in this particular incident. The Shuttle's back. And after the fabulous Newscoma got some flack for working at a paper and having liberal opinions last week from other sources, I have been watching this. Aunt B discusses the Kleinheider situation and criticism he has recently received.
Where do I stand on this? I don't agree with everything Kleinheider posts, (very little actually, but I do move from Volunteer Voters to read what people are saying from his posts) but I believe he has the right to say it. As I have been in his shoes in the last week, (even he agreed that there was a point to me being a newspaper woman and having clear political views, which I may add, never go in the paper.) I do believe the best way for me to learn anything is to read other folks views. I don't have to agree with them. We can agree to disagree and go have a cup of coffee or a beer if you so choose. I also believe that TV on the Fritz has the right to say what he wants to about Kleinheider. We take the heat, we give it. All is well in the world. But my favorite post of the day is from Katherine Coble who says this:
I care about the world stage. I pay attention and I know what's going on and I have a good philosophy that backs up my positions. But doggone it, when I sit down at the computer to type a blog post it's sometimes going to be about dumb stuff like Pirates (seen it twice, am going to see it again) and the new 7-Up with fruit juice. (Yummy) I like Politics. I always have. But when I'm standing at the door to Fellowship Hall eating a cookie I don't want some strange woman telling me that Ed Bryant needs to just drop out of the race because he's screwing it up for Van Hileary and Bob Corker will win and the world will end in a fiery doom not unlike the end of Return Of The King
So happy 900th post to me. And before you go, head over to Cuppa's, who can rant at my blog anytime he wants. 
Happy 900th to one of my favorite bloggers in the world. I'm really sorry I couldn't make it to the blogger 'do' last week, if for no other reason than I could have met you in person.

Love the blog!
900! I'm appropriately "wowed" because it seems so unattainable! Let's have a party for your 1000th!
Thank you guys.
And I'm always up for a party for the 1000th.
Happy 900, you rabble-rousin', liberalized, media icon.

And thanks for the generous offer to make room for the rants. If ya just posted boring stuff, my blood pressure would stay low ... but where's the fun in that??

Hope the next 900 bring national fame and heaps of wealth!!
Congratulations, baby! Cheers!
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