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Friday, January 20, 2006
  Open Letter To Chris Matthews Blog Up And Running If you didn't care much for what Chris Matthews said last night in regards to comparing Osama Bin Laden and Michael Moore, head over to this brand new blog called Open Letter To Chris Matthews, which has had about 16,000 hits in two days with folks who are not happy with the MSNBC pundit. Ridiculous. People may not like Michael Moore, but he's never killed anyone. Matthews knows better than saying junk like this. 
Mixed emotions here. I don't think you can refute that Moore comes off as hating America just as much as OBL. And, to OBL's credit, generally he's truthful in what he says, and he doesn't have to fool people to be part of his "projects".

I think Moore could POSSIBLY be just as dangerous if not moreso. Remember, lots of adults see his work and take it with a grain of salt. However, the younger generation see anything on TV or the movies as fact, and that's scary.

Even moderates cringe at some of the things he says because there's so much of it that's about as accurate as a first grader's spitball straw.

I completely support Mr. Moore's right to say what he does. I'd probably defend him if need be, but it doesn't make his work less threatening to the country.

Honestly, though, I consider him a symptom and not the core problem. For whatever reason, more and more Americans seem to hate America for all the evils we do. I realize that America doesn't always wear the white hat, but ours is genearlly lighter than the people who oppose us.
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